AAT Bioquest's reliable, high performance products enable life science researchers to better understand biochemistry, immunology, cell biology and molecular biology. AAT Bioquest's product lines have been designed with both productivity and flexibility in mind, two qualities that are invaluable in today's fast-paced industry. With a catalogue of over 5000 items includes product lines such as Fluo-8®, Cal-520®, Cell Meter™, Amplite™, CytoTrace™ and CytoTell™, brands that have garnered recognition and praise in the life science research community.

DNA and RNA Quantifying Reagents

Helixyte™ Green dsDNA Quantifying Reagent (Cat# 17597) and StrandBrite™ Green RNA Quantifying Reagent (Cat# 17611) are optimized for double-stranded DNA and single-stranded RNA respectively. They have a high affinity for nucleic acids and an extremely large fluorescence enhancement upon binding nucleic acids, making it possible to directly detect minute amounts of nucleic acids in complex solutions within minutes, usually without interference from other biomolecules.

Probes for imaging organelles and cellular structures

AAT Bioquest’s extensive collection of organelle-selective dyes has been optimized for live and fixed-cell imaging applications. Available in a broad spectrum of colors, our organelle-selective dyes are compatible with a majority of laser and filter settings commonly equipped on most fluorescent microscopes and flow cytometers.

Assays to measure the activity or expression of crucial ions or biomolecules

Cellular processes are the interconnected network of physiological systems that regulate cell function. Made up of signaling pathways and biochemical cascades both within and between cells, dysfunction of any of these processes can lead to drastic effects on human health. By measuring the activity or expression of crucial ions or biomolecules, the interdependent systems of cell function can be more comprehensively understood.

Dye-labeled peptides and oligonucleotides with high sensitivity and non-radioactive detection

Dye-labeled peptides and oligonucleotides are important tools in biochemical and cellular studies. Fluorescent peptides and oligonucleotides have been extensively used in all major types of fluorescence imaging including fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET). These labeled biomolecules are widely used for diagnosing infectious diseases based on the molecular beacon and other technologies. FRET peptides and oligonucleotides have been also used for cell analysis via fluorescence-associated cell sorting (FACS) either in vivo or in vitro for research and diagnostic purposes.

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