We are an application-led science and technology solutions company committed to helping customers solve challenges, accelerating their process and scientific workflows, for greater productivity and insights.

Scienze solutions business delivers decades of experience in automation and method development with a breadth of applications expertise in life science, clinical research and development, and analytical sciences.

With core competencies in today's current and tomorrow's emerging applications, Scienze offers diverse technologies to meet your unique application and automation needs, with a wide range of technologies, methods and know how, with technical support including:


Application Support

Full application support with hardware and software solutions to optimise your processes and workflows, with our global partners knowledge database for the latest in application-specific support information, including: assay design and development, instrument settings, protocols, data interpretation, tips, scientific overviews, product selection, technical literature, video tutorials, FAQs and troubleshooting and more to answer any questions or queries that your experiments and workflows may bring.


Method Development & Optimisation Support

Here at Scienze we have great experience and understanding of a wide variety of applications. Sometimes we need to call on our global partners to utilize their skills and R&D labs to do sample or assay development and optimisation for us, working in partnership to give you the highest level of available expertise and confidence to ensure the utmost from your samples.


Instrumentation & Assay Technical Support

Scienze offers custom service plans for all our instruments, these are as unique as your research and processes, and can provide tailor made packages for your specific requirements as well as our three standard support plans.

When it comes to instrumentation no one likes surprises. Work with us to cushion your instruments from both everyday wear and tear as well as safeguard it from any mechanical faults which may occur. Scienze offers a variety of service levels to ensure that you get the optimum performance and longevity from your instruments year after year, no matter how great the usage.

Our services are carried about by factory trained and qualified specialists throughout New Zealand to be able to best provide you with fast, local service. Let us assist you in finding the plan that best suits your needs.


Instrumentation & Software Integration

Want to link databases together in one central location using one software? Or make your workflow better by integrating two instruments? Talk to us, we have the expertise and know-how to consolidate your laboratory services as well as provide custom application services, integration solutions and new automation technology development to make your lab work more efficiently and effectively for you.