Automatic Flash Titrator


Flash is a compact tool, upgradable over time, for the most varied laboratory needs. Simple to use, the color touch screen graphic display contains all the messages and icons that make the Flash titrator very easy to use. The titrator guides the user in every phase of programming, analysis and interpretation of data, including pH, Total Acidity, Free & Total Sulfur Dioxide, Formol Number, Volatile Acids, Reducing Sugars, and many more.

Autosampler AS24

16-position autosampler (15 working and 1 fixed washing). Designed to optimize the self-level procedure of the samples to be analyzed, in order to speed up the preparation. Its design is characterized by its limited weight and reduced overall dimensions.

Autosampler AS24 MICRO

Autosampler with 35 positions (34 working and 1 fixed washing) for cylindrical plastic tubes. Designed to work with 5ml of product for the analysis of sulfur and with 10ml of product for the analysis of pH and acidity.


- Color touch screen display

- One combined electrode input pH 0.00 ... 14.00 (0.01 pH), mV 1999.9 & + 1999.9 (0.1mV)

- One input for μA measurement

- One input for temperature sensor: 0 ... 100 ° C

- Serial connection for printer

- 16 or 35 position autosampling connection

- 24 Vdc power input

- Data export on USB or CSV

- Memory stick - Memory: last 50 samples

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