Clinical Centrifuge


The CF0202003 Clinical Centrifuge has been designed for performance, reliability and quiet operation. Featuring a large LED display and microprocessor control for high speed, accuracy and excellent centrifugation control. The speed/RCF switch allows you to set either RPM or RCF. Timer, continuous modes and pulse function for quick spins. The twelve position rotor accomodates 5ml, 7ml or 10ml culture or blood collection tubes and up to eight 15ml tubes, the air flow design prevents sample heating. The centrifuge has a Brush-less DC motor for a maintenance free long life and a self diagnostic check on start up.

  • Micro computer control gives high speed control accuracy and excellent centrifugation performance
  • Brushless DC motor is maintenance free and provides rapid acceleration and deceleration 
  • High strength and durable plastic rotor is flame retardant, wear and chemical resistant
  • LED display
  • Independent dials adjust speed and time
  • Two operation modes - Timer and continuous
  • Short spin function by pressing and holding PULSE key
  • Run parameters can be adjusted after set speed is reached
  • Automatic door opening and warning on finish to prevent sample overheating
  • Self diagnostic 
  • Excellent dynamic balance for quiet and stable running
 Model  CF0202003
Speed range  200 - 4500 RPM / increment 100 RPM
Max RCF 2940 x g 
Speed accuracy  +/- 20RPM
Rotor Capacity  10m / 7ml / 5ml x 12 / 15ml x 8
Time range  30s - 99min / continuous 
Motor  Brushless DC

Door interlock, over speed detection, over temperature detection, automatic internal diagnosis

Power  Single phase, AC 110V - 240V, 50/60hz, 2.5A
Acceleration / Braking time  20 second acceleration / 15 seconds deceleration
Dimensions  460 x 310 x 270 mm
Additional features Speed/RCF switch, short run time function, sound alert function

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