Liquid Handling Workstation


Pipetting robot Liquid Handling Station

  • Extremely versatile, e.g. for PCR, enzyme tests and many other applications.
  • Quick and uncomplicated method creation.
  • Maximum performance at an attractive price.

The Liquid Handling Station provides maximum flexibility for small and medium sample throughput and varied pipetting tasks. It closes the gap between electronic pipettes and large, expensive equipment.

Seven ANSI / SLAS formatted workplaces can be freely assigned, including PCR tubes and strips, microcentrifuge tubes, reservoirs, and 96- or 384-well plates. Liquid ends are available in three single-channel sizes and two 8-channel sizes. The Liquid Handling Station's compact design and space-saving front door make it an ideal fit where benchtop space is limited.

With an excellent price/performance ratio and straightforward operation, the system is economical for low and medium throughput labs. Typical applications include:

PCR and qPCR


Enzyme assays


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