Liquid Handling Reagent Reservoirs

Column Type: 1-Column 220ml

Reagent reservoirs from BRAND were designed especially for use with automated liquid handling platforms. They can also be used with manual systems. Different partitions, bottom styles and profiles provide broad application flexibility.

ANSI/SLAS standard format
Compatible with nearly all
liquid handling robots and
other automated dispensing

5 different types
for use with multichannel
pipettes and automatic

Excellent stability and
chemical resistance
made from high-quality

Very low dead volume
due to pyramid bottoms

Free from RNases and DNases

(121 °C, 20 min)


  1. 1-Column, 220ml volume (per column), Polypropylene, Pyramid bottom, 96-well, Pack of 10.
  2. 12-Column, 6ml volume (per column), Polypropylene, Pyramid bottom, Pack of 10.
  3. 4-Column, 60ml volume (per column), Polypropylene, Pyramid bottom, Pack of 10.
  4. 6-Column, 40ml volume (per column), Polypropylene, Pyramid bottom, Pack of 10.
  5. 1-Column, Low profile, 50ml volume (per column), Polypropylene, Flat bottom, Pack of 10.

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