Lumitester Smart


The Luminometer for Rapid Hygiene Monitoring. The Lumitester Smart offers high sensitivity detection and wireless connection capabilities.  The Lumitester Smart has A3 detection ATP+ADP+AMP for more reliable and sensitive results to find what other hygiene monitors miss.

Compatible with LuciPac A3 Surface Kit / 100 swabs and LuciPac A3 Water Kit / 100 swabs.

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  • Hygiene monitoring in three easy steps
  • Visualize the data with App
  • Access from anywhere with cloud storage
  • Measurement time: 10 seconds.
  • Data output: RLU ( Relative Light Unit )
  • Power: 2 size AA alkaline batteries or 2 size AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries
  • Size & Weight: 65 × 175 × 32 mm / 255 g (Except batteries)
  • Accessories: 2 size AA alkaline batteries, Cleaning brush, USB cable, Strap, Quick manual

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