Variable Speed Vortex Mixer


The MI0101002 Variable Speed Vortex Mixer comes with a rotary dial for accurate adjustment and control of the speed and time settings. Sturdy and durable construction with dynamic balancing eliminates unwanted movement and vibrations during mixing. The Mixer has 3 operation modes - touch, timed or continuous with a three way power switch to change modes of operation. The Vortex Mixer is designed for use with interchangeable attachment accessories that can hold test tubes, flasks, beakers and microtiter plates.

Price includes universal top plate and 1 attachment of your choice.
Extra attachments available:


MI0101002-14 Universal top plate

MI0101002-31 Test Tube Attachment, 54 x Φ6mm, used with MI0101002-14
MI0101002-32 Test Tube Attachment, 18 x Φ10mm, used with MI0101002-14
MI0101002-33 Test Tube Attachment, 12 x Φ12mm, used with MI0101002-14
MI0101002-34 Test Tube Attachment, 8 x Φ16mm, used with MI0101002-14
MI0101002-35 Test Tube Attachment, 8 x Φ20mm, used with MI0101002-14
MI0101002-36 Microtiter plate attachment, used with MI0101002-14
MI0101002-37 Erlenmeyer flask attachment 100-250ml, used with MI0101002-14

  • Wide speed range 0 - 3000rpm
  • Orbital diameter of 6mm
  • Touch mode, timer mode and continuous mode
  • Brushless motor 
  • Low operation voltage (12V) for full protection
  • Excellent mixing capability - can make 50ml containers mix in 3 seconds
  • Dynamic balance design 
  • Various interchangeable attachments for your application
 Model  MI0101002
Operation modes Touch, timed, continuous
Movement type Orbital 
Orbital diameter 6mm
Speed Range  0 -3000RPM
Display  Scale
Ambient temperature  5 - 40 degrees c
Relative Humidity 80%
Protection class DIN EN 60529 IP21
Voltage  200 - 240 / 115 / 100V compatible
Power  36W
Frequency  50/60
Motor input 30W
Motor output 15W
Dimensions  107 x 146 x 166mm
Weight  3kg

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