MI0102011 13cm LED Magnetic Stirrer


The MI0102011 5 inch Magnetic Stirrer comes with a tempered glass top that is chemically resistant and easy to clean. User friendly LED display. The nodel also features a electromagnetic drive mechanism which eliminates mechanical wear, noise and risk of demagnetisation compared to a traditional magnet design, this drive also gives the stirrer an extended life time.

  • Advanced patented electromagnetic drive
  • Quiet and with no mechanical wear for extended life
  • Chemically resistant tempered glass
  • User friendly touch keys for easy operation
  • Max stirring quantity 5000ml (H20)
  • Speed range 50 - 1500 RPM
  • LED display
  • Automatic reverse rotation for excellent mixing performance
 Model MI0102011
Stir plate dimensions  13 cm
Stir plate material  Tempered glass
Stirring mechanism Electromagnetic drive
Max stirring quanitity (H20) 5000ml ( 3000ml at 1500RPM )
Speed range 50 - 1500RPM
Speed display  LED
Time range 0 - 99hr99min
Ambient temperature 5 - 40 degrees 
Relative humidity 80%
Protection class DIN EN 60529 IP65
Voltage 100-240
Frequency 50/60
Power 25W
Dimensions 172x247x30
Weight  1.62kg

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