MS310 Multi place Magnetic hotplate stirrer


The MS310 Multi place Magnetic hotplate stirrer has 10 positions for synchronous heating and stirring. Stainless steel hot plate for excellent heating uniformity with silicon anti-skid surface. LED Display. Reverse rotation.

  • Wear free magnetic coil technology for quiet operation and consistent stirring in all positions.
  • Max heating temperature 120 degrees celcius, sample temperature max temperature can be up to 70 degrees celcius
  • 1200RPM max speed in 10RPM increments
 Model MS310
Stirring position 10
Work plate material  Stainless steel with silicon
Work plate dimensions 470 x 205mm
Driving mechanism Electromagnetic drive
Max stirring L 0.4 x 10 
Heating temperature Room temperature - 120 degrees celcius
Safety temperature 150 degrees celcius
Speed range  0 - 1200 RPM
Speed increment 10 RPM
Stirring position distance 93mm
Max magnetic bar (L,mm) 30
Speed display  LED
Time display LED
Economy mode Yes
Adjustable revers rotation  Yes
Operation type Continuous / timing operation
Time range 0 - 99hr59min
Voltage  100 -120/200-240
Frequency  50/60
Heating Power 500W
Power  580W
Ambient temperature  5 - 40
Relative Humidity 80%
Protection class IP30
Dimensions 630 x 210 x 70 mm
Weight  10kg

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