Overhead Stirrer


The OHS-20D Overhead Stirrer has a compact and lightweight design featuring LED display and a a maintenance free Brushless DC motor with overload protection system if torque exceeds stirrer ratings and a auto cut off for additional protection. Easy height adjustment of the impeller and the stirrer.

  • Speed range 50 - 2000RPM
  • Provides constant speed even with changes in viscosity of sample
  • Large LED display for precise speed adjustment and monitoring
  • LED display shows actual and set speeds alternately
 Model  OHS-20D
Display  LED
Max Torque 20 N cm
Speed Range 50 - 2000
Max Viscosity 10,000 mPas
Chuck Diameter Range 0.5 - 10mm
Max Stirring Quantity  15 L
Voltage  100- 24
Frequency  50/60
Power  65W
Overload Protection  Yes
Motor Protection  Yes
Dimensions 71 x 160 x 192 mm
Weight  2.3 kg 
Protection Class DIN EN60529 IP42
Ambient Temperature 5 - 40
Relative Humidity  80%


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