PTFE Syringe Filters

Filter option: SF130-45-PTFE / Ф13mm / 0.45μm / Organic

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) syringe filters feature broad chemical compatibility, superb stability and extraordinary inertia and are typically used for:

  • Filtration of organic solvents with strong chemical causticity
  • strong acid solvent filtration
  • alkaline solvent filtration

SF130-45-PTFE / Ф13mm / 0.45μm / Organic 100/box
SF130-22-PTFE / Ф13mm / 0.22μm / Organic 100/box
SF250-45-PTFE / Ф25mm / 0.45μm / Organic 100/box
SF250-22-PTFE / Ф25mm / 0.22μm / Organic 100/box

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