Quick Real-Time PCR


GeneFields high-speed real-time PCR system Model GF-Q150 uses a polymer chip with excellent thermal conductivity to achieve high-speed reactions. Heating / cooling speed is 8 ℃ / sec and 30 cycles of real-time PCR can be completed in just 12 minutes!

Each cycle is photographed with the built-in camera, the amplification curve is displayed with dedicated software, and Tm value analysis is performed to ensure inspection accuracy.

Real-time PCR or One-Step RT-PCR can be performed simply by adding a template and primers.

  • A special polymer chip with excellent thermal conductivity is used to achieve high-speed reaction.
  • 1-step RT-PCR is also supported.
  • The compact design can be used from basic research to on-site inspection.
  • Tm value analysis is also possible with the dedicated software.
  • A single polymer chip can analyze 10 samples.

1. LCD display
4 line text LCD offers clear identification while protocol
setting and status monitoring.
2. Jog dial
Rotating jog-dial rightwards or leftwards adjusts set values and pressing jog-dial selects what cursor indicates.
3. MENU button
Main menu screen is displayed when this button is pressed.
4. START/STOP button
Selected PCR protocol is executed when this button is pressed.
Currently performed PCR cycle is immediately stopped when this button is pressed while instrument is running.
5. PUSH bar
Chip drawer is gently opened and chip presser automatically moves up when this bar is softly pressed.
6. Chip drawer
It transports chip into the instrument. Mechanically stable and robust design offers soft movement and maintenance-free features.


Quick Real-time PCR System Model GF-Q150

Temperature Accuracy: ±0.5 ℃
Temperature Stability: ±0.5 ℃
Temperature Uniformity: ±0.5 ℃ (well to well)
Ramping Rate: 8 ℃/Second
Range of Temperature setting: RT PCR: 35~65℃, PCR: 20~99℃ (1.0℃ Increment)
Sample Format: Transparent Polymer Chip
Typical PCR Duration: 12minutes (30 cycles)
Method of Detection: Comparison of Digitized Fluorescence Signal by Analysis Software (※ on Window, 8, 10, XP)
Display: Text LCD (4 Line)
Integrated Memory: 12 Protocols
Power: AC100-230V, 50/60Hz or (INPUT DC 12V)
Dimension (Main Unit): W20×D20×H12.5cm
Weight (Main Unit): 3.2kg

1. Wings
These parts are used for picking up
the chip with fingers or tweezers.

2. Printed Well Numbers
Well numbers from “1” to “10” are printed on the upper surface of the chip. Odd numbers of well (1, 3, 5, 7 and 9) are printed on the top and even numbers of well (2, 4, 6, 8 and 10) are printed on the bottom of the well.

3. Inlet Hole
The holes neighboring with printed well numbers are inlet hole of each well where pipette tip is inserted for injecting PCR mixture into the well.

4. Outlet Hole
The hole at opposite side of each well’s inlet hole is outlet hole through which air existing inside the well is escaping while PCR mixture is loaded into the well. Excess volume of each well volume (10μl) run over through this hole.

Number of Sample Wells: 10 Sample Wells
Volume of each Sample Well: 10 μl/Well
Material: Transparent Polymer
Chip Size: W38×D25×H6 mm
Sample Well Size: W8×D2×H0.5 mm
Weight: 3.56g
Package: 48 Pieces/case (Max.480 samples)

Quick PCR Quick PCR Master Mix

Package: 1ml/Tube × 2 Tubes
(5μl/Reaction, Max. 400 Reactions)
Storage Condition: -20℃/ Dark Place

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