Single Channel Adjustable Volume Pipette

Volume Range: 0.1-2.5ul

The Precipette is a super light and ergonomic Pipette which delivers the highest levels of accuracy and precision. The advanced design of the Precipette's controls require very low operating force for ease of use and to avoid RSI. Each Pipette is individually calibrated in accordance with ISO8655 and delivered with test certificate. Choose from the volume range of 0.1ul -10ml.

  • Super light
  • Ergonomic design of low plunger pressure avoids repetitive strain injuries
  • Volume range 0.1ul - 10ml
  • Different volume range is easily identifiable with different color top
  • Large 4 position volume display with high accuracy up to 0.002ul
  • Durable high tech synthetic material for durability
  • Designed for easy assembly and disassembly
  • Tip ejector makes tip changes easy and fast
  • High elastic tip cone for excellent tip seal and easy tip removal
  • Easy calibration and maintenance with supplied tools
  • Calibrated in accordance with ISO8655 and supplied with test certificates
  • Lower section is autoclavable

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