Battery Powered Mini Vortex Mixer


The new VM112 Mini Vortex Mixer is a first of its kind featuring a rechargeable battery with a 2 hour continuous operation time. LED lights light up during operation and also display battery level. The mixer comes with touch function and has excellent mixing capabilities and a super sturdy design which holds the Vortex Mixer firmly in place during mixing. The mixer has a fixed speed of 5600RPM. Portability is a great capability of this mixer. Perfect for mixing small vials and test tubes.

  • Touch function
  • Fixed speed of 5600RPM
  • Orbital diameter of 6mm
  • Excellent mixing capability
  • LED lighting
 Model VM112
Touch function  Yes
Orbital diameter  6mm
Movement type Orbital
Battery Chargeable  Yes
USB charger Yes
Battery operating time 2 hours
Speed Range 5600RPM constant
Voltage  100 - 240
Frequency  50 - 60
Output Voltage  15
Output Power  9W
Protection class EN 60529 IP41
Dimensions 168 x 150 x 85mm
Ambient temperature 5 - 40 degrees c
Ambient Humidity 80%

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